Mikulov is located 15 km from Valtice. It offers its visitors many different experiences. Many tourists are interested in the history of the town which is most transparent to the tourist through the local architecture. The beautiful countryside offers a lot of opportunities to satisfy the visitors‘ needs and preferences.The town lies in the heart of Czech wine production. Therefore, it is a splendid site for the wine enthusiasts as there are many wine trips with stops at different private or family wine cellars available. There are also a lot of degustation exhibitions in the local wine shops. The most famous degustation takes place on the second weekend in September – it’s the traditional Pálavské vinobraní. 

Mikulovský zámek

There’s also a castle in Mikulov which was in the past home to the houses of Lichtenstein and Dietrichstein. This castle was erected on a prominent cliff on the outskirts of Mikulov thus creating a remarkable landmark. The most important places in the castle are the library and the Hall of the Ancestors. At present, the castle is used by the Regional Museum of Mikulov. It contains a number of very interesting exhibitions.

Dietrichsteinská hrobka

The Dietrichstein Crypt is located in St. Anna’s Church where an imitation of the Shrine of the Holy House is. It was built between 1623-1656 at the local square.

Kozí hrádek

Kozí hrádek is one of the three rocky landmarks of Mikulov. After recent terrain adjustment this area is accessable to everybody either for a nice walk or the kind of relaxation they prefer. 


Svatý kopeček

Svatý kopeček (the Sacred Hill) is also one of the natural treasures of Mikulov. Mikulov became a protected area owing to the very high number of rare plants and animals occurrences. There’s so called Křížová cesta (Cross Path) leading to the hilltop where the pilgrim Kostel sv. Šebestiána (Church of St. Sebestian) and bell tower are.


Jeskyně Na Turoldu

This cave called Na Turoldu can be found at the top of the Turold hill (385 metres above sea level) in one of the oldest nature reserves in Pálava Protected Landscape Area.

Novomlýnské nádrže (cca 25 km)

These ponds called Nové Mlýny were built between 1975-1988 at the confluence of the Dyje, Jihlava and Svratka rivers – total area of 3 226 hectares. The ponds consist of three large reservoirs. Two of them serve for recreational purposes (Mušovská and Novomlýnská). The last one (Věstonická) is an ornithological reservation.Surfers, yachting enthusiasts as well as tennis and volleyball players will find a lot of opportunities to spend their free time. There’s also a summer theatre and a number of dancing opportunities.This area is also one of the most important fishing sites in the South Moravia. In addition, there’s a number of archeological findings in this area.


Pálava Protected  Landscape Area lies in the most dry area with the highest temperatures in the whole country. The countryside mostly consists of vast and fertile fields and vineyards. Typical features of this area area are also limestone rocks and forest-steppes with a large amount of thermophilous flora and fauna. Pálava region is the longest inhabited area in the Czech Republic. It’s the place where a number of archeological findings were made. These findings were of prehistoric mammoth hunters and their campsites and of course the most important discovery of Věstonická Venuše (the Venus of Dolní Věstonice). Pálava has been a UNESCO protected biospheric reservation site since 2003.

Muzeum Dolní Věstonice (cca 20 km)

The age of the mammoth hunters is on permanent display in this museum, which is located in the former town hall of Dolní Věstonice. All the archeological sites between Dolní Věstonice and Pavlov that cover findings ageing 25 000 to 30 000 b.c. are on display here. What the visitors can see are various kinds of ceramics, textiles, lithic flake tools, jewels, necklaces, sculptures and statues of people and animals. There’s also an model of the famous Venus of Dolní Věstonice.


Termální lázně Laa an der Thaya (cca 35 km)

A wonderful spot with a number of different water connected activities ranging from waterfalls, hottubes, jacuzzies, coloured light streams tounderwater music at a saline water pool. Luxury rest with access to a winter garden and a 90 metres long water slide.


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