This ancient little town with over a thousand years of history will take your breath away, owing not only to its wine-making but also to the beauty of the local castle. The lords of the house of Lichtenstein fancied Valtice so much that they made it their principal residence and converted the surrounding area into a briliant park. Valtice Castle is the largest baroque structure in Moravia. There are also a lot of Romantic structures from the first half of the 19th century in the vast park area. It is for example Kolonáda (also called Reistna) which is the local colonnade, the Belvedere Castle (Belvedere), the Temple of Diana (also called Rendez-Vous or Dianin Chrám, built in the honor of an Austrian army commander) and the Chappel of St. Hubert (Kaple Sv. Huberta). The diversity of the area surrounding Valtice can be found surprising. In the hilly area close to the Austrian border there is a very rare occurance of Quercus pubescens (the Dawny Oak or also the Pubescent Oak). In the northeast of Valitce we can find Boří les (artificial woods complex also called Theimwald in German). Should we travel to the northwest we would encounter the Valtice Ponds - an amazing site for ornithologists. There is a lot of rare exotic woody plants in the park.The road from Valtice to Lednice is lined by Bezručova alej (a beutifull chestnut and lime tree alley). It is called after a great Czech poet Petr Bezruč who favoured Valtice to any other town or city. Valtice is a wonderfull historic site that can offer many unforgettable experiences either in the serenity of the local woods and parks or among the historic buildings and sites in the town or just relaxing with a glass of the best Moravian wine.


The castle premises were enriched by an early baroque stable, minaret and a greenhouse fashioned according to a London-like winter garden. The whole area of Lednice and Valtice got its final looks in the fashion of Romantism in 19th century. A lot of romantic structures was erected in the English Park. It was for example the Temple of Apollo, the Obelisk, the Rendez-Vous or the empiric Chrám Tří Grácií (Temple of the Three Graces). The minaret in particular is very popular with our visitors. It was Alois Lichtensteins‘ intention to build a church there. Unfortunately, he wasn’t allowed to do so by the municipality. Therefore, he decided to erect a symbol of Islam on his own property. It is the oldest observation post still in existence in our country and the tallest building of its kind in a non-islamic country in the world.In the castle premises, there’s also a greenhouse with a variety of exotic plants on display. This greenhouse as well as the Malawi Aquarium was built by the Lichtensteins in the 19th century. The Aquarium replaced a Baroque stable from the 17th century. The Malawi Aquarium holds many aquaria with total capacity of 40 000 litres on 360 sq m of area. This massive amount of water contains freshwater fish from the largest African lakes Malawi and Tanganyika as well as specimen of marine fauna.The castle premises also contain a wonderful spa which is known for its rehabilitation and medical treatments based on the aplication of natural mineral water which containes jodine and bromine. This natural water shows beneficial effect on the muscular as well as circulatory systems, neurological and gynecological problems or for burns. This beautiful spa with its mineral water and helpful and friendly personnel will satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Valtice castle

The most prominent landmark in Valtice is the local Baroque castle with a chapel (used as a concert hall) and a church called Nanebevzetí Panny Marie. This wonderfull place has an official title of “The Capital of Wine“. It’s also home to the National Centre of Wine that organises public degustation exhibition  Salon vín ČR. We can find two accessible building in the area - Rendez-Vous and Kolonáda. There’s a red touristic route which leads north towards Lednice and a blue one towards Hraniční zámeček (castle).                                                                        

Lednice castle

This amazing castle has its own park area with a Minaret and an additional castle – Janohrad. We can use the red touristic route to get to Valtice in the south or to Novomlýnské nádrže (ponds). Or we can take a green route that leads to Břeclav.



This observation tower is located in the park in Lednice – about 2 km north from the castle. There are two paths leading to it. It’s possible to take a boat and go to Minaret by the river or enjoy a nice horse ride.

Chrám tří Grácií (Cathedral of Three Graces)

This cathedral lies about 5 km north-east from Valtice on the red touristic route which connects Valtice to Lednice and continues on to Novomlýnské nádrže (ponds). The interiors are not accessable by public.


Also called The Temple of Diana, can be found 3 km northeast from Valtice. The red touristic route which connects Valtice to Lednice and continues on to Novomlýnské nádrže (Novomlýnské ponds) passes very close.

Apollonův chrám (The Temple of Apollo)

Was built on a hill close to Mlýnský rybník (Mlýnský pond). It’s located on the red touristic route which connects Valtice to Lednice (3 km from Lednice). The interiors are not accessable by public.


Janův hrad (Janohrad, John’s castle)

Located approximately 4 km east of Lednice. This building which is accessable during its opening hours, can be reached by following a green touristic route. Visitors can get there by boat or in a horse cart..


Kolonáda na Reistně

The Reistna Colonnade can be found about 2 km south-east of Valtice. It’s used as an observation tower which is accesseble during its opening hours. To get there the visitors can use the red touristic route or take a car and leave it at one of the parking spots which are located about 500 metres from the tower.


Belveder Castle lies about 1 km north from Valtice. It’s accessable by the red touristic route. Travelers have to switch to a blue route on the way. There’s an unmarked 250 m long path leading directly to the castle.

Rybniční zámeček

This wonderfull castle is located 2 km south from Lednice – at the north end of Prostřední rybník (Prostřední lake). It’s accessable by Bezručova alej which connects Lednice to Valtice. There’s an information board by the road and a concrete path leading to the building itself. The interiors are not accessable by public.

Hraniční zámeček

Hraniční Castle was erected about 4 km north from Valtice. It’s on the blue touristic route connecting Valtice to Mikulov. There’s a wonderfull luxury restaurant inside.


This area lies 3 km south from Břeclav. There’s a green touristic route and an educational trail going through it.

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Great location. Very quiet street but just 5 minutes walk from castle, square, restaurants. Our room "Chardonnay" was spacious and has wonderful views for a castle. We had nice breakfast and because of 3 night staying, bottle of delicious regional wine. I will comeback for sure.

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